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Architect Peggy Petrakakos has graduated with honors from the University of Architecture of Florence. Member of “Order of Architects of Greece” and “Order of Architects of Florence”, she was appointed Honorary Consul of the Hellenic Republic in Tuscany.

After her first professional experience in the Arab Countries, particularly in Baghdad, she decided to move to Italy where in 1986 she participated in various projects with a Professional Association in Prato, dealing with design in the field of civil engineering, road, hydraulic, railway, port, environment and urban impact.

Having adequate technical organization and well-established experience, she decided to set up the Studio Tecnico Petrakakos in 1996 based in Florence and started a long career of professional assignments based in Europe, mainly in Italy and Greece.

The office offers the latest IT tools and highly qualified staff able to carry out research in the field of contemporary design from urban and architectural scale to interior design, taking care of every aspect in detail.

As a result of careful logical process of analysis and synthesis, the fundamental concepts on which arch. Petrakakos lays her idea of ​​compositional design are mainly three: functionality, harmony and light.

Functionality, as a conscious and aware study of the architectural environmental needs.

Harmony, as the right balance and interplay of shapes and colors.

Light, as direct and indirect lighting study, which characterizes the perception of designed spaces.

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